The iPhone Camera Lens by CamRah will allow you to shoot pictures with your tablet or phone making them look outstanding. This lens kit is very useful because you don't have to haul around a camera and a bag. The tripod is also important though you don't have to carry it around at all times. Carrying a big DSLR is a hassle for many, so they buy the iPhone Camera Lens by CamRah to get rid of this issue right away. The iPhone Camera Lens by CamRah's packaging is just awesome and it feels great indeed.

Practical Clips

These are the practical, fast clips you have been looking for. Since a quick attached lens has many flavors for you to enjoy, you'll be very happy with your purchase. The iPhone Camera Lens by CamRah will save you from carrying any big camera around, which is very convenient. Since these items are very well made and sold at a fair price, you'll get a very good deal.

Making Your Life Easier

The iPhone Camera Lens by CamRah will make your life easier thanks to the tripod. This device will allow you to take any picture without doing any "selfie" cramming tons of people in a shot.



- The holder, lens and tripod are just amazing.

- This product comes with many options as well as accessories.

- There is a little bag designed to hold the lens, which is pretty useful.

- The amazing customer service behind this lens kit is great.

- The iPhone Camera Lens by CamRah is useful to take photos while on the go.

- Both the wide angle and larger fisheye will allow to you shoot very crispy pictures at all time.

- You'll be able to capture a lot of video information in any tight quarter.



-The lens might move a lot if one wants to record any video out there.

- The tripod might become a little stiff from time to time.

- You might see a black ring around your picture coming from the wide range.

- One of the lens may even be scratched when you get it.



The iPhone Camera Lens by CamRah is a very convenient lens kit that will save you tons of time. In addition, the iPhone Camera Lens by CamRah is sold at a fair price and you will get a very sturdy kit. Though the tripod might cause some problems over time, the whole product is just amazing.